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21 August 2015

Collection boxes

Collection boxes for your fundraising event are now available from North London Samaritans’ office – see below.

Fundraising ideas

for North London Samaritans Shaftesbury Hall renovation

Help us raise money for the Shaftesbury Hall renovation. Here are some fundraiser ideas that are easy to organise, and could be lots of fun.

Ideas for things you could do

  • Hold a fundraising supper at your home or someone else’s.
  • Fundraise by cooking at someone else’s party or picnic or event.
  • Fundraise by teaching people to cook your speciality.
  • Organise a fundraising sale of cakes or bread at work, gym, tennis club etc.
  • Exchange excess veg and fruit from your garden or allotment for a donation.
  • Hold a fundraising BBQ.
  • Organise a 50:50 club at your company or with family and friends. If people buy a ticket for say £10, 50% goes into funding prizes and 50% goes towards NLS and the Shaftesbury Hall renovation fund.
  • Run a sweepstake with friends or at work. An example might be to sell tickets for the chance to pick a player or team at random from a sporting event.  50% of the funds raised would go to the person picking the winning player, the rest is donated.
  • Hold a fundraising chilli (or other speciality) supper in exchange for a £10 donation for supper and first drink.

How to invite, advertise or promote your event

  • You can do this informally for small events, just by talking to your invitees.
  • You can do it more formally for bigger events, by creating a written invitation and then emailing it or handing it out to your invitees.
  • You could generate awareness for your event (and North London Samaritans Shaftesbury Hall appeal) or even get sponsorship by contacting your local newspaper. Daily or weekly newspapers usually require about seven to ten days’ notice to publicise an event. It’s easiest to issue the news by email to the news desk of your local paper and then follow it up with a phone call to check it’s been received and is being considered. The contact details for the news desk can be found on their website.

Top Tip - Your invitation should always mention that you are aiming to raise funds for North London Samaritans Shaftesbury Hall renovation and that a Samaritans collection box will be available at the event.

How to collect and donate the money

  • Order a collection box from North London Samaritans 
    at least 10 working days before your event
  • The collection box will be posted to you (or you can pick it up from the Branch Office)
  • After your event, take the collection box back to North London Samaritans Branch Office or open the box and donate the money to the Hall renovation fund via our Just Giving site.

Click here to visit our JustGiving page.

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Shaftesbury Hall appeal

We have a dedicated Just Giving fundraising page for Shaftesbury Hall, To donate please click this link    

Donate with JustGiving

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£5 text code

or text SHBP97 £5 to 70070 to donate

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Big Lottery update

Big Lottery funding helps secure our future


NLS has been given a grant of £545,000 by Big Lottery to rebuild Shaftesbury Hall to provide a centre for Samaritans’ volunteers and a new public facility for local people.

The charity now needs help from local businesses, trusts and individuals to raise £110,000 in the next 6 months to complete the project. 

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On July 24 North London Samaritans want you to shush and listen


Samaritans national awareness campaign Talk to Us encourages people from all over the UK to take a few minutes to improve their listening skills by following the charity’s simple SHUSH! listening tips.


Samaritans volunteers will be at Bowes Park Station and Hornsey Station on Monday July 24th handing out SHUSH listening tips and highlighting the support they provide for the community.



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